Rise Carmine strives to find the balance between a well-written song and a dazzling brand of showmanship, between a chorus that you can sing along to and dual-guitar-harmony heroics that harken back to a time of tighter pants and longer hair.   

Rise Carmine is the musical outlet of Liam Colbert’s creative energy. Liam, a Toronto-bred multi-instrumentalist, derives his tight, melodic sound from a breadth of influences, ranging from 70s classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith to more contemporary rockers like Queens of the Stone Age, Tame Impala, and White Reaper. The concept of groove is paramount to his music, and a thick bass-driven thread connects all of his material. His music has been described as "all at once nostalgic and fresh."  

He takes pride in his eclectic song writing, delivering hard-rock riffiness and psychedelic synth-driven bliss on the same record. Liam believes that any music that's worth a damn is music that breaks the rules, but in order to break the rules, one has to learn them first. A decade spent in choir school and four years immersed in jazz and R&B at Berklee College of Music has resulted in creative flexibility that allows him to do just that.   

In 2017, he self-released an album under the name Patiohawk, recording all the parts in his parents’ basement. He found bandmates and spent the next three years playing packed shows around Toronto and bringing the act to other Ontario towns, Quebec, and the Maritimes. Liam’s unmistakable energy and charisma makes the stage seem just a little too small.  

In fall 2020, Liam teamed up with grammy-winning producer Dave Schiffman (Weezer, PUP, Vampire Weekend) and recorded a 6-song EP, to be released over the summer of 2021 under the new name Rise Carmine.

Having already garnered input and praise by the legendary Bob Ezrin – producer of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, “Down” is a certifiably solid masterpiece.” - Jenn Andrade


He is a rule bender who lights up where others hide the fire away, as he makes that spark-fueled music that certainly has your attention lifted to places you didn’t know possible before.” - Llewelyn Screen


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